Marca Life Planning
Age In Place
The concept of people aging in their own homes is known as “age in place.” Remaining in one’s own home and keeping control of your life is often taken for granted until we begin our journey into old age.

Our Age in Place program supports older adults in their homes by identifying and securing support services for changing needs.

When you partner with Marca Life Planning, you have access to our coordinated set of age in place services to support better living. Age in Place optimizes personal health and wellness, promotes safety and security, incorporates universal design principles, and integrates assistive technologies into your home. We believe in being part of the solution for older adults and their families.

Don’t let aging or chronic conditions steal your independence before you’re ready.
Planning for Life's Journey
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Empower older adults to live independently in their own homes. Make daily living in your home safe. Get the help you need to be independent and live life on your own terms.
Make a smooth transition from one stage of life to the next. Evaluate home safety, downsize and reorganize the home, or coordinate a home transition move. From beginning to end, a Relocation Specialist manages the details, dramatically reducing the stress involved in transitioning from one phase to the next.
Use our advocates to maintain the rights of frail elders and their caregivers. Whether at home or in an assisted living and nursing home, gain support for care and advocacy. Our experience with the healthcare and long term care systems ensures that aging goals are achieved.

The Joy of Life is the Trip